The Ultimate in "Reliable and Valuable Data"

Total 3,200 Courses and more for Japan and Asia-Pacific Areas

Added Asia-Pacific area including Taiwan and China as well as Japan.
Whenever Caddie' attendance or not at overseas golfing, please enjoy with NETEX1
as key assistance for unfamiliar golf courses

Whole Japan2470 Courses
Resorts in Hawaii54 Courses
Resorts in Guam8 Courses
Resorts in Saipan5 Courses
Australian Caines/Gold Coast Resorts16 Courses
China249 Courses
Taiwan50 Courses
Korea Jeju Island20 Courses
Thailand133 Courses
Malaysia71 Courses
Singapore20 Courses
Indonesia40 Courses
Philippines49 Courses
Vietnum12 Courses
Brunei4 Courses
Grand Total3201 Courses
as of 2012/Aug/£±

Simple Process for Data Input and Rewriting

Anytime Free Input and Rewriting up to 5 Courses into EXI via PC with quick and easy process Instant course rewriting to makes golf play at Self and Resort courses especially when Caddies are not attended more enjoyable and convenient !

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The Ultimate in "Easy to Use"

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Direction is extremely useful when Green is out of sight,
Course is in Dog-Leg and weather is foggy condition
It is especially reliable for self and resort play without Caddies
thanks to highly accurate directional sensor equipped.
Please note that EX1is not allowed to use at official tournaments

Easy to carry and master with walking-device-concept

Carried on waist belt to comfortable wear,
Upward facing display for hands-free viewing,
Compact, light weight and rigged for ways and smart carry

Focus on Play

Expecting score-up and enjoyment with simple operation display with next operation guide

Three Selection Exchangeable Labels

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