Q1: What is the targets and concept for NETEX1?

 * NETEX1 has been developed to be useful especially in Self and
   Resort Golf Courses where caddies do not attend.
   Target players for EX1 would be "Average Golfers" thanks to
   its concept of "simple and enough information" by numerical and
   icon display.
   Player can concentrate and speed up his play.

Please click "Simple and Quick Operation Guide"
for better understanding.

Q2: Why not does NETEX1 store all golf courses' data in the unit ?

 * Some 20% of all golf courses' data could be changed annually due to
   course close/open, name change, course design change and so on.
 * Old and obsolete data would cause troubles and unsatisfaction at usage,
   so NETEX1introduced an advanced and reasonable concept to
   upload the latest data and software periodically, to download
   all data at once to PC and input/rewrite the desired course (Max 5)
   to NETEX1.
 * All course data storage in the unit should cause higher unit cost
   including memory card and harder/inefficient data updating process.

Q3: How to input course data in NETEX1 ?

 * Please imagine same manner as music download when inputting
   your favorite song or golf courses
   Thanks to no payment process in cace of NETEX1, course downloading
   would be much easier than music
 * Please click and open the "Simple and Quick Data Download Guide" in below.
   The process would be done in 5 minutes from download to input.
 * When downloading new data into PC, all current data in PC will be rewritten
   with downloaded data so that player could enjoy NETEX1 with ever-fresh

Please click "Simple and Quick Data Download Guide"
for better understanding.

Q4: What is "On-Demand Course Production" ?

 * When your playing golf course is not available in "Support Courses"
   we will try to produce it in 1-2 weeks if all data and conditions are available.
   Please understand we will not able to meet On-Demand Request anytime.
 * Upon receiving this request through "Contact us", we will reply our
   comments by return.
 * All course data has been produced by us thanks to advanced original
   production process so we can meet your On-Demand request timely.

Q5: Any Problems with "Carried on Waist Belt" ?

 * Putting EX1 on the Left side in case of Right hitting person or
   Putting EX1 on the Right side in case of Left hitting person,
   then swing problem would not be caused for most players.
 * This carrying method would offer much easier handling and
   less troubles than conventional in-pocket carrying.
 * Most of buttons would not be used often during playing.
   Some frequent usage of buttons such as "SELL" and "SHOT"
   are located at the top for easier operation with gloves.

Q6: EX1 to be thinner ?

 * EX1 applied "Carried on Waist Belt" method in order to solve
   in-pocket problems by competitors units.
 * The display of EX1 is located on the top side sot that
   players could check display content anytime.
 * Also fonts and icons of the display should be large enough to
   understand the contents at a glance.

Q7: Today's PIN Location or Green Location can be displayed ?

 * EX1 has special software option to display Today's
   PIN Location or Green Location which all players count on
   among all other data.
 * Of course this function should golf course cooperation.
 * Please keep attention how it would be realized in the market.