Basic Functions

EX1 realizes the following basic functions by colaborating highly accurate GPS Device and Electronic Compass with reliable data base

Direction Indication

Display 32 directional units (every 11.5 angle) extremely useful when Dog-Leg, foggy or low sunlight and when green is out of sight

Automatic Detection of Courses and Holes

Matching with GPS signal and Tee-Location data base to detect golf course and tee ground automatically

Remain Distance

Distance to fairway center position(Drop Target) and distance to Center, Front, Back of the Green

Driving Distance

Length of Drive from position at hitting and that at arriving instantly calculated by pushing "SHOT" button

Applicable Functions

Drop Target

To show the distance between fairway center position as "Drop Target" and tee ground position for coursers of Par 4 and Par 5. It is helpful to judge the position to hit at first shot especially in case of Dog-Leg hole and foggy condition.

Near Pin

To show distance between your position to Center, Front, Back of the Green even when green is out of sight.

Driving Contest

To show the distance of your driving range with accurate digital figure to understand performance of your golf clubs as well as your own driving ability.

Smart Holes

Matching with GPS signal and data base of tee-ground and green area to switch next hole automatically EX1 special software thanks to advanced IT technology also helps reliable and timely switching.

Explanation of EX1 Body and Buttons

Display Contents

Drop Target (D) at Tee Ground
(Useful at Dog-Leg hole or at foggy condition)

Remaining Distance and Direction to the Green

Product Specification

Dimensions54mm Width x 75mm Height x 29mm Thickness
Operating Temperature Range-10¡î¡Á60¡î
DisplayHighly Contrast Monochrome 256x64 dots
Semi-White Back color
Continuous Operation Hours9 Hours with full loaded AAA x 2 Dry Alkaloids Battery
InterfaceMini-USB Terminal
Water ProofDurable for Spray
GPS Specification32Channel, World
Cold Start 36sec. Check signal at every 1 sec.
AntennaBuilt-in Batch Antenna
Electronic CompassDisplay 32 directional units every 11.5 angle) and Deflection Angle Correction
About Distance and Direction* The Distance showed in EX1 is that of straight and horizontal viewing from the sky
* It might be in general shorter than the sigh post of the golf courses.
* Distance would have some allowance due to the accuracy of GPS signal and data base.
* Direction would have some error due to high voltage lines over the courses or magnetic devices nearby
Course Data Rewriting Software* Available OS should be Windows XP(SP2 and later)/Vista/7
* Memory Capacity would be recommended 256MB and more.

Download Quick Manual in English

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