1. Resposible person for the policyPINDATA Co.,Ltd CEO Norio Yamashita
2. Purpose to use Personal Information1.The usage of Personal Information is limited to what is necessary for shipment, invoicing, contact with customers, and internet sale and so on.
2. Transfer product information through mailing or other methods based on customers' concurrence
3. Control and Rules to protect Personal InformationAt PINDATA Co.Ltd, we take reasonable safety measures to protect Personal Information from risks such as illegal access, loss, destruction, tamper, or leaks by the individuals or party other than assigned ones by a chief privacy officer.
4. Disclose of Personal Information to Thisr Party Personal Information is not disclosed to third party (excluding party under contract) without customers' concurrence nor reasonable reason. We will disclose it only in case specifying the party and contents under customers' concurrence except the following cases.
○ In case we judge user would provide unbeneficial situation to third party, we will contact with authorities such as police.
○In case we are required to disclose Personal Information of users by the authorities such as Court, Plice,Public Prosecutor's Office,Lawer Associates and Consumers Center, we could disclose it as per their request
○In case we survey or analyze customers data for service propose, we could use it under the conditions not to specify individual person
We will observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy set by the government; review and enhance the handling process of Personal Information; and continuously review and enhance our Privacy Policy.