Sales CompanyPINDATA Co.,Ltd
Prodcution CompanySHINSEI Electronics Co.,Ltd High Tech Division.
Office2-6-25 Nishinagasu-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo,Japan 650-0805
ContactTEL:06-6489-2470  FAX:06-6489-2476
Extra charge other than unit priceShipping charge、Extra charge for collecting money or bank transaction
Payment MethodCredit card payment、Bank Transaction
Payment Limitby the time of Shipment
Return or Exchange PolicyWe try our best for quality but in case you receive defective or wrong unit, we will exchange with good unit or equivalent replacement. Please inform us within 5 days after reception through info@netex1.com. It is not resposible for us in case you can not receive the unit due to your absence or excess time of storage at shipping agent.